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bnetwork has partnered with some hotels and rental agencies that offer a wide selection of apartments, in Cannes and its surrounding area at preferential rates and booking conditions. 

1.  Hotel minimum stay
A three (3) night minimum stay is requested by the hotels in Cannes from March 14th to 17th included.

A two (2) night minimum stay is requested in the hotels located outside Cannes from March 14th to 17th  included.

Please note that each hotel may apply its own terms and conditions.

2.  Changes and cancellation policy

2.1 New reservations (without any voucher)

bnetwork accommodation department must be notified of any changes or cancellations as soon as possible. 

·  For all cancellation made until January 12th 2022, included, one (1) night will be charged per room cancelled and the balance refunded

·   For all cancellation made between January 13th and February 12th 2022, included, two (2) nights will be charged per room cancelled and the balance will be refunded

·  In case of cancellation or shortened stay between February 13th and March 01st 2022 included, the requested deposit (corresponding to the minimum stay of the hotel) will be charged and the balance will be refunded

· From March 02nd 2022 included, the full amount of the reservation will be charged in case of cancellation or shortened stay. 

2.2 Reservations using a voucher

The conditions for modification and cancellation remain unchanged from those specified in Article 2.1. Nevertheless, if a part of the voucher or all the voucher is not used for MIPIM 2022, this is one won’t be reported to MIPIM 2023 but invoiced by the hotel. The amount of the voucher is also not refundable in case of not attending MIPIM 2022.  

2.3 Exceptions

By exception, the deposit paid by a company attending MIPIM, will be fully reported to the next edition in the following cases : 

· Travel ban issued by the government of residence of a person for whom the delegate has made a reservation

· Quarantine imposed by France or by the government of residence of a person for whom the delegate has made a reservation

· Medical certificate attesting to a positive COVID 19 serology from a person for whom the participant has made a reservation.

·  Closure of the borders by the accommodated visitor’s country or by France.

3.  Cancelation or report of the event due to COVID-19

In case of cancellation or postponement of the 2022 edition of MIPIM, bnetwork will be able to cancel the reservation without being held to compensation. In this case, bnetwork will refund the deposit paid, according to the general terms and conditions of the concerned hotel. 

For your information, most of the hotels have agreed on the following conditions :

3.1 Reservations using a voucher

·  Until February 13th  2022, included: no penalty fee and deposit paid reported to the next edition

·  Between February 14th and March 02nd 2022, included: 
-  client having a 60% report from MIPIM 2020 : no penalty fee and deposit paid reported to the next edition
-  client having a 100% report from MIPIM 2020 : 20% penalty fees and 80% of the deposit paid reported to the next edition

·  From March 03rd 2022 included: 
-   client having a 60% report from MIPIM 2020 : no penalty fee and deposit paid reported to the next edition
-  client having a 100% report from MIPIM 2020 : 40% penalty fees and 60% of the deposit paid reported to the next edition

3.2 New reservations (without any voucher)

·  Until February 13th  2022, included: cancellation free of charge. The participants will be fully refunded by bnetwork, net of administrative fees

· Between February 14th and March 02nd 2022, included: 20% penalty fees based on the deposit paid. The participants will be refunded 80% of the deposit paid by bnetwork.

· From March 03rd 2022 included: 40% penalty fees based on the deposit paid and 60% reported to the next edition of MIPIM. 

4. Deposit Policy
Your booking will be confirmed once the deposit payment has been received by bnetwork.

The requested deposit corresponds to the minimum stay required by the hotels by room reserved and may be subject to an additional payment for the reservations having a voucher. 

Payment deadline before cancellation your reservation: 

· Until January 15th 2022, included: within 10 working days 
·  From January 16th to February 15th 2022, included: within 5 working days 
· From February 16th to March 02nd 2022, included: within 2 days 
·  From March 03rd 2022: within 24H

If your payment is not received within the given schedule, your option will be automatically cancelled

Once the deposit payment received by bnetwork, the balance of the reservations will have to be paid directly at the hotels by the guests. 

Payment of the total amount of the reservation: 
You can also proceed to the full payment of your reservations (possibility of including breakfasts and local taxes) directly with bnetwork. For that, bnetwork must receive this information upon reservation.  

Administrative fees corresponding to 2% of the requested amount will be levied on any financial transaction. 
These fees are non refundable.

5.  Accommodation invoicing process

·  bnetwork collects deposit payment for all Accommodation reservations. Balance to be paid at the hotel upon departure.

·   Payments will then be transferred in full to the relevant Hotel(s) (minus the 2% administrative fees).

·  bnetwork will provide a confirmation including a summary of the rooms reserved for you and the amount to be paid to confirm them.

·  You will receive an accommodation confirmation upon receipt of the deposit payment, but you will not be provided with an official invoice from bnetwork. Your payment to bnetwork will appear as a deduction on the final invoice be issued by your Hotel upon check out. The balance due on the final invoice will have to be settled directly with your Hotel before departure (balance room nights, breakfasts, taxes, extras, etc.).

·  Please address any specific invoicing details or requests to bnetwork directly and they will be communicated to the accommodation providers accordingly. TVA may be applied to your invoices.

6.  Apartments and Villas reservations for MIPIM 2022

Each estate agencies applies its own terms and conditions concerning payments, cancellation policy, etc…Please kindly ensure you take note of all the rules before booking your accommodation.

For any apartment booking, please note that the deposit required corresponds to the full stay amount. 

7.  MIPIM 2022 registrations conditions

bnetwork Accommodation Service is exclusively dedicated to MIPIM Participants.
If you have not registered yet, please register on https://register.mipim.com  or contact the RX France customer Help Desk via email at customerhelpdesk@reedmidem.com  
The present reservation is only guaranteed for registered MIPIM Participants.

If you have not registered to the MIPIM and unable to produce a justificatory document to prove your registration on RX France’s or bnetwork’s first request, your hotel or apartment/villa reservation will be cancelled within 5 (five) business days prior to your date of arrival and, if applicable, refunded according to the conditions listed above or the estate agencies terms and conditions.
Please visit http://my.mipim.com/ for any further information.

Any information regarding the hotel reservation (lastname, firstname, etc) should correspond to the information communicated for your registration. 
Beneficiaries of reservation are expressly forbidden from assigning, subletting or exchanging, free of charge or for consideration, the hotel or apartment booking to third parties, MIPIM participants or not.

bnetwork would like to remind you the content of the Article 10 of the Terms & Conditions, applied to all RX France events:
“Participants formally undertake not to engage in activities that are identical or similar to those conducted in the event venue, the immediate surrounding area or in any other exhibition area that the Organiser may designate, in particular, in places such as hotels or other sites external to said event, during the period of the event.
Accordingly, Participants in particular undertake not to directly or indirectly draw any other Participant away from any exhibition area for the purpose of presenting any of its products and/or services that are within the scope of the event.
The Organiser reserves the right to have any breach of this provision evidenced by any witness sworn officer, to have the relevant Participant pay the costs associated therewith and to initiate any legal action enabling it to assert its rights.” 
As a consequence, bnetwork, as an official partner of RX France, applies and enforce this regulation. By beneficiating from the housing services provided as part of our agreement, you are committed to respect this clause and you are a guarantor of its application. Failing that, bnetwork will not be held responsible and may terminate this agreement without being liable to any indirect, consequential or pure economic loss or any loss of profit, goodwill or opportunity.


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